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The Camel Race

In this documentary film, commissioned by Al-Jazeera, young camel owner Hamad quits his job for the love of his life: his camel Khudriah who just begins her first racing season. In 2005, a human rights outcry banned the use of child jockeys, and so Qatar's camel races now feature robot jockeys in a reinvented twist of tradition. "The Camel Race" is an insider verité-style look into the tucked-away camel culture of Qatar, revealing a world of modern bedouins in the middle east, camel racing, and the deep roots of Qatar's heritage.

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Officially Commissioned by Al-Jazeera Documentary

Feature Documentary Film by Izaca Productions LLC and Pierre Kattar LLC
Isabelle Carbonell
Pierre Kattar

palomas, short, documentary
Las Palomas, Me Encantan

"Las Palomas, Me Encantan" follows Orlando (Tito) into his passion with the sport of pigeons, at home in Alamar, Micro X, Cuba.

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The Camel Race

Young camel owner quits his job for the love of his life.

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Baffle Their Minds with Bullsh*t, Kerry Leigh

A writer on the street bares all.

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A community survives off a trash dump in Dominican Republic, calling themselves the trash divers.

aleppo, syria, documentary, short
The Souk of Aleppo

A walk through the labyrinthine souk market of the northern Syrian city Aleppo.

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My Village, My Lobster

Indigenous Miskito lobster divers along Nicaragua's Caribbean Coast risk their lives diving for the Caribbean spiny lobster.

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Nepal: Prayer Wheels

Experimental short film on pagodas in Nepal.

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We'll Get You Over On Our Side

An experimental short film on Western-style toys sold on the streets of Dubai and Istanbul.

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Pearls Beyond the Price

Three generations of a Qatari family: from pearl trader to professional motorcycle drag-racer.

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Qatar's oldest city, Zubarah, fell to ruins only 150 years ago and is now being excavated.

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Beirut International Tango Festival

Promotional film for the 2010 Beirut International Tango Festival.